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Installation – seem to be missing the forum?

  • Hi,

    I downloaded as suggested, added to plugins dir, activated, created a forum in the wp-admin area, then added that forum to the menu. Sadly, when I click the link all I see if the title of the forum and nothing else?

    Anyone help me configure the pages/forum so i can see topics – either admin added or a create button?

    In Settings -> Forums, I’ve set it to be public all the way.

    Kind Regards


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  • Mine was working last night. I tried to open it 10 minutes ago and everything I setup is gone and not visible. I can see everything in the WP admin area but when trying to view the site, that is the only content not visible anymore. I need some serious help. My brain is about to blow up with confusion.

    Same here.

    (only I’ve never seen the front end – yet!)

    Help me Obi-wan-tech-support, you’re our only hope! hehe

    WOW!!! Weird…not I can see my forums again. :/

    What did you do!!

    Nothing!?! I’m kind of freaking out now, thinking their is someone else controlling my content. I’m wondering if something was happening with the private and public setting. Mine was public too but I changed it to private, updated, then saved it back to public. Maybe try that?!?

    Seems I’ve found out why. The theme I’m using doesn’t seem to have a template that’s supports the bbPress forum.

    Anyone wanna help me tweak this theme!? lol

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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