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Installation question regarding sql database

  • Tonight I tried to install bbPress, following the detailed instructions from the following screencast: I’m running the newest version of wordpress and downloaded the newest version of bbpress as well.

    I set all the database options based on the settings in my wp-config file and then ran into a snag. I couldn’t figure out if I needed to rename the default “bb_” database prefix to what my database prefix was “wp_” or leave it as the default “bb_”. I was planning to complete the integration route, so I changed the prefix to “wp_” thinking it would just add a few tables to my current SQL datbase. I also had a weird hostname, ” $_ENV{DATABASE_SERVER}” so I added that in the bbPress config hostname space.

    I then went through all the other screens and bbpress said it installed with a “minor errors.” message. Unfortunately, I closed the screen in error and didn’t note the specific error.

    Once I closed, I went to the site and while the article names we there, clicking on them resulted in a 404 error. In addition, I couldn’t log-in to my admin (said I didn’t have permission.) At this point, I assumed I did something wrong and deleted the “forums” folder, and restored my database.

    I’d really like to use bbPress instead of Simple:Press because I heard it’s faster and fairly easy to customize. Any ideas on what went wrong? Is there a better set of instructions someplace?

    Also, should I keep the prefix bb_ or change it to wp_?

    Any help is appreciated. I’m pretty new at all this!


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  • Okay, thought I would update this since I’ve been working a bit on the forum problem. The problem is I definitely messed something up when I was completing the integration settings. I installed a forum without trying to integrate and it worked nicely. I may try and work on integration later.



    Don’t change the table prefix from bb_ to wp_ – that will overwrite wp_tables. Leave the bb_ prefix for the tables, and use the same database, and the bb_tables will be installed into the same database your WordPress installation is using.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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