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Installation problem – database name

  • Yes, yes, newbie, here. Sorry about that before anyone bumps me or deletes me for duping or just raises their eyebrows and walks swiftly on. I have used google and other searches frequently. But I still can’t work out this database name, database user and password issue. I have copied the unzipped files into where NetworkSolutions put WordPress for me. So now BBpress sits at the same level as WordPress. Is that right?

    Now I have copied the values from the WP_config file (did it make those up on install?) but I still get “There was a problem connecting to the database you specified. Please check the settings, then try again.” I’m surprised these bear no relation to my actual WordPress password and user name.

    I haven’t changed any settings from WordPress since I installed it. Is there a permissions issue?

    Thanks (please)


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