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Installation Problem

  • During installation when I go to step 2 I get the following access violation message

    PHP has encountered an Access Violation at 0AF7B927


    Second Step

    Now we’re going to create the database tables and fill them with some default data.

    1. Created table dvdgbb_forums

    2. Created table dvdgbb_posts

    3. Created table dvdgbb_topics

    4. Created table dvdgbb_topicmeta

    5. Created table dvdgbb_users

    6. Created table dvdgbb_usermeta

    7. Created table dvdgbb_tags

    8. Created table dvdgbb_tagged

    At this point the tables have actually been created in the database but I can’t go forward with the installation. So if I start again I get the following.

    First Step

    We found Steve who is already a “Key Master” on these forums. You may make others later.

    First Forum

    Forum Name:*


    Double-check that username before continuing.

    From here everything goes fine and I get this


    Now you can log in with the username “Steve” and password “*Your WordPress password*”.




    *Your WordPress password*

    Login address

    Diver Forums

    Were you expecting more steps? Sorry to disappoint. All done! :)

    Unfortunately, I never got a valid password in the process so I can’t login. So I tried the password reset and the send me the password features but to be able to email from my server I need to put 2 ini_set statements before the mail statement so it knows which smtp account to use (this is for server security). the problem is that I will have to search all the files looking for the mail function.

    Can you help me out here.

    Here is my System Info

    PHP Version 5.0.4

    mySQL Versions:

    Server: 4.1.12

    Client: 4.1.7


    I’m adding to this because I have since found and edited the registriation_functions.php file so it would send emails. I used the reset password functions to get a new password via email. The first step had me go to a url with a key at the end. Once I got the password I tired to login and got a Key Not Found error. So I took the key part of the url from the first email and forced it into the user meta table in the database. After that, I could login successfully. However, now when I create a topic and post it and then try to view it or any other things like edit users or forums it always returns an unable to locate page error. Well that’s where I’m at now. Its 2am so I going to bed.

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  • If you were integrated with your WordPress install, wouldn’t you just login originally with the same username and password as wordpress?

    Regardless, what is the URL of your forum so we can try and relate what you are seeing for errors and problems.


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