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Installation and Style issues with custom theme. Almost there…

  • coffeesocial


    Hi All!

    I’m getting quite far and have overcome a few problems myself which has been fun, but I am stuck with the style issue.

    My theme and test is here:

    I am running a theme called Continuum, with a child theme that adds a few extra bits to the main theme.

    I got as far as installing the files from the settings folder into my child theme folder (actually functions.php and style.css were overwritten because Filezilla did not warn me!!!)

    Was that supposed to happen? Because it messed up the theme (although bbPress page style looked miles better) it still did not look much better than what it currently is:

    That aside, I went back and replaced the functions and style files with the correct ones from the original child theme to make my website look and function right.

    Can I merge the two files style and functions to then include both necesarry code elements to let my theme and bbPress look correct?

    It would be stupid to let the bbPress style and funcions overwrite becasue then it would mess up everyones themes. What did you guys do to get it working on a custom theme (i.e. not the one that comes with bbPress).

    Cheers :)

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  • Anointed


    Not sure where you went wrong from what I can see. I do see that there is no css from bbpress in your theme anywhere.

    As to your questions about sytles and functions, yes you can either combine them together or use include statements to include separate files for bbpress if you wish.

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