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  • Hi, i have some questions about installation. I am very new @ WP, but still.

    1. Download bbPress from the download page – Completed

    2. Upload the uncompressed files to your server – Folder wp-content/plugins? (completed)

    3. Optionally upload language files to “my-languages” – Where should i create this dir?

    4. Visit the intended URL of the bbPress site

    5. You will be greeted with the bbPress installer

    6. Follow the instructions in the installer

    7. Visit “Settings” in the admin area to customise your installation

    8. If you have any questions, ask in the forums

    At the moiment i tried the installation through the standart module install, and i got an error, about wrong header or smth. I would appreciate any help my problem. Thank u

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  • chrishajer


    2) – no, bbPress is not a WordPress plugin. It should be inside a folder which is inside your WordPress installation. So, if your WordPress is at


    your bbPress will be at something like

    /var/www/wordpress/forums/ where the word “forums” will be part of your URL. If your WordPress site is, then your bbPress installation will be at if you called the folder “forums” as I did above.

    3) create the folder my-languages at the same level as bb-templates, bb-plugins, my-templates, my-plugins. All those folders should have permissions of 755.

    Step two is your biggest problem right now. You don’t activate it like a WordPress plugin because it’s not one. It has a separate installer. It doesn’t even require WordPress.

    Ok, thank u so much. Will try and post the results here.

    Sorry for the late answer but: i was success in installing the module, but at the same time a little bit dissappointed. Did not liked it all.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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