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Install was successful but….

  • After a bunch of tweeking and what not (put wrong info in a few times)

    I got the BBPress installed. But when I go to go see a forum or post it gives me an error.

    I use 1&1 Internet to host my site (dont really recommend them)

    I have minor PHP knowledge (but I am learning more every minute.)

    It appears that it did not create the folders it needs to draw from. Forum, users, etc. So I’m not sure weather I have to manually create them or weather I have a bad batch of files or what not, been working on it all day trying to get that and a web calender working, finally got the calender working.

    Any input would be much appreciated.


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  • So what error does it give you?

    You don’t need to create any folders, as long as you have databases which you seem to do since you got it installed.



    1. I use 1&1 and have no problems with them at all.

    2. The issue you are having is likely due to a problem with mod_rewrite. Try changing your config so that you are not using pretty permalinks, and I think your forum will work.

    # change this line to false, if you are using true

    $bb->mod_rewrite = false;

    Also, not sure what version you installed, but there’s a possibility it’s something else with slugs or something, but I think it’s due to mod_rewrite and .htaccess, pretty permalinks or Options MultiViews. Turn that off and I think you will find your forum works.

    Would you be able to email me the file modded like you mentioned, so I can reference it to the one I have.

    Would you be able to email me the file modded like you mentioned, so I can reference it to the one I have.

    I am almost positive that 1&1 has a little switch they flip when you call them. When I was on the phone with them my email and my control panel worked perfectly, and now 3hrs later it is doing the same thing that I called to tell them it was doing. And sorry about the double post it didn’t go threw.

    Well I think the pretty link thing is what did it. It seems to be working wonderfully now. Is there a setting to make it so your user name has to be approved before you can start posting?

    No, but you can write a plugin that sets your member status to ‘inactive’ or similar when you register. Then you would have to set their member status to ‘member’ before they could post.

    Well I don’t really know anything about writing plugins : /

    Would you happen to know of a site or link that has something as you described, or know what I would have to do to make one?

    Also is it possible to make it so only certain groups are able to view certain boards? (i.e. keeping student forums private from visitors and teacher forums for just “teacher” status or mod status.

    No-one knows anything about writing plugins when they start writing them. :) You said you were learning PHP, this is your chance to put it into practice/get better. This might not work but it’s the basic way you’d go about it I think.

    add_action('register_user', 'myfunctiontochangeuserstatuswhentheyregisterheh');

    function myfunctiontochangeuserstatuswhentheyregisterheh( $user_id ) {
    //I suspect somethin' like this:
    $user = get_user( $user_id );

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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