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Install service with Host

  • Hi, is up and running. Take a look and feel free to offer some gentle criticisms. One problem, I had my service with bbpress installed on my computer using EasyPHP and using localhost in the config. I had the location set to and since uploading my files to the host directory I am getting 403 error access denied. I know enough that this is because my data base as it was set-up for my local host will not work on the host. So, I ask…the quick fix would be to uninstall and reinstall using the host address…? is this correct?

    Also, when doing this, is the location given as http://domain

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  • chrishajer


    I’m not quite sure I understand all the questions. It looks like the domain is now hosted with Netfirms ( – and the host has apache and PHP. I assume the package comes with MySQL as well? Can you link to the hosting package you have now for the domain? Even their cheapest package comes with MySQL 5 and phpMyAdmin…

    Sounds like at the very least you are going to need to move the database from your Windows localhost to the new host (netfirms) and then update your config with the new database details.

    Is that what you’re looking to do, move from a windows localhost install to a hosted apache/linux install?

    Actually, the host is bluehost and I started uploading today. I am not sure, but yes, I originly had this forum as a project on my system using EasyPHP. I now would like to have it with my website. I have tried to create a data base with the host and I reinstalled with download bbpress and filled in the new info. It came back as cannot read DB. In the host area, is this my domain,com or what?

    In conjunction to the last question, I think the problem is how to set-up the data base at host location and how is this info put into the config.php? The BBDB_Host is my site ?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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