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Install Many Questions

  • redchilipepper


    Since the documentation is sketchy, at best, I’m left with a few questions.

    I’ll start with this one… pretty basic

    Having installed…

    1. There’s no way to start a new topic. In short, there is nothing to allow you, as an admin or user to initiate a new topic.

    spent way too much time, dinking around trying to figure out a workaround

    any ideas…

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  • chrishajer


    There is normally a way to add new topics. If that is not present in your installation something is certainly wrong. Can you post the URL to your forum?

    Is it possible you have all your forums set as categories? If that’s the case, categories can only hold other forums (subforums) not individual topics. Someone posted about that before.

    What version bbPress are you using, and is it integrated with WordPress (and if so, what version WordPress?)



    Wow… I can’t believe you put that much energy in answering my question. I’m going to uninstall it and install it ONE MORE TIME. If it’s still screwed up I’ll just look at installing another app.

    Have a second question. Is there a option to change the convoluted password that users are initially given, or is that missing too.




    Yes, there is an option to change the password. Once you’re logged in, just go to your profile, then Edit, and at the bottom of that page you can enter your new password twice to reset it.

    I don’t think you need to reinstall anything. Just log in and access the admin and go to Manage > Forums > Edit (one of your forums) and make sure the forums are not all marked “Category.”

    Although it’s easy to just reinstall, if you do things the same way, you’re going to get the same result. You can fix what’s already installed unless something catastrophic happened during installation.

    You should still supply your forum address, and the version of bbPress you installed, and if you integrated with WordPress, then that version as well. These things will help someone help you solve your problem.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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