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Inserting text in forum “header”

  • fastk9dad


    Background: I have my forum Subscribe link on the right side of the header using float:right, I am also running Pencil Unread plugin and have enabled the “Mark all as read” option and also used float:right to prevent it from blending in with the breadcrumbs however now “mark all as read” and “subscribe” are getting up close and personal like this:

    Mark all as readSubscribe

    Ideally I would like to insert a pipe and a couple of spaces between them to follow suit with how the topics page is formatted like this:

    Mark all as read | Subscribe

    I have searched the forums high and low and haven’t really come up with an answer. I tried looking for the “bbp_template_before_topics_loop” code figuring I could add it to my child theme and modify it at will but turned up empty.

    So what is the best way to accomplish this?

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  • fastk9dad


    Update: I was able to figure out how to achieve my desired result via CSS by using this code:

    .bbppu-mark-as-read:after {
        content: '|';
        padding-left: 10px;
        padding-right: 10px;

    The result:
    link separator



    Thanks for sharing your solution! Gave me an idea how to work with a different issue I’m having.

    Hi @fastk9dad

    I must have missed your original request, but it should be sufficient in your case to have added the string you want just in front of the subscribe. Just add this to your functions.php:

    function casiepa_add_before_forum_subscribe ($args = array() ) {
      $args['before'] = '  |  ';
    return $args;
    add_filter ('bbp_before_get_forum_subscribe_link_parse_args','casiepa_add_before_forum_subscribe');

    cc @kalico

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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