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inserting php into a bbPress template file

  • Martin



    For the sake of consistancy, I’d like to use the WP Socializer plugin to display Social Media buttons at the top of my forum Topics.

    The plugin author said this:

    “Please note that WP Socializer works in all pages or places where there the <?php the_content(); ?> function is called in the theme.

    Simply make sure that the theme you use or the page of the custom post has the above function mentioned.

    Instead, you can also use WP Socializer’s template functions also.

    Use <?php echo wp_socializer(‘template-1’); ?> anywhere in the template which is used by the custom post type.”

    Since I didn’t find reference to <?php the_content(); ?>,I’ve tried inserting it into the default theme and the single-topic.php file however the buttons fail to load.

    I’m presuming this is because bbPress actually isn’t recognising the php code reference – would this be the case?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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