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Insert Image hotkey ALT SHIFT M

  • Chuckie


    The ALT + SHIFT + M hotkey does not work inside the editor of bbPress (even though I have the media plugin enabled and the functional button on the toolbar.

    I raised this both on TinyMCE GitHUB:

    And WordPress:

    TinyMCE support said:

    TinyMCE doesn’t provide any shortcuts for the image, nor media plugin by default so this is likely an issue with wordpress or wordpress plugin you’re using. Since there is nothing we can do to fix the issue, I’m going to close this and suggest you log an issue with wordpress or wordpress plugin directly.

    WordPress support said:

    AFAIK that hot key is unique to the post edit screen only when using the classic editor. It’s not the editor itself that it’s tied to, but the edit screen for posts. If the block editor had a media button it would probably still work there. However, the bbPress forum post screen is not the same as a WP post edit screen. You would need some JavaScript code that listens for the specific keyboard event and when it occurs, launch the media modal.

    Therefore, it sounds to me that bbPress needs some tweak to cater for the advertised hotkey for inserting images. Can this be considered please? All other hot keys are functional.

    Thank you.

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