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Inline Images?

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  • If you actually want to use NGG, you’d have to translate all the API calls (get_option() -> bb_get_option() ) or just run an integrated wp & bb, which is probably easier and more maintainable.

    Would you mind giving me a quick instruction on how to do that? I mean, are we talking a simple search and replace get_option() to bb_get_option() in particular files? or even one file? If that’s the case, easy enough, so be it. but..? :)

    In all honesty, I really just want to be able to have people upload a zip file and have it extract and post thumbnails to a thread. Anyone should/would be able to do this. Sadly with NGG, you can only have the admin do it. :(

    Are there any other mods out there that allow this?

    I don’t know all of the API changes you’d have to make, or if it’s even feasible – bb might not have all the API. Integration would be easier.

    I don’t know of any such mods, but it sounds like a fairly simple concept and you might be able to do it? Uploading files is extremely well documented as a tutorial for beginners, PHP has a whole bunch of easy zip file functions built in and making a new post is also easy, using bb_new_post() I think. Really it’s not a particularly hard task, what puts most people off from programming is intimidation I think. And people here would help you. Or you can hope someone else does it, but that’s unlikely.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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