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Individualized Private Forum

  • davidbessler


    Is there a way to modify the Private Forums plugin to allow me to grant accss only to specific users? The way I see it, it doesn’t need to be that difficult. The strategy would be:

    A list (array or whatever) is added to the top of the plugin as follows:

    $allowed_users_for_forum_1 = ‘username1, username2, username3’

    $allowed_users_for_forum_2 = ‘username1, username2, username3’

    1) If a forum is not marked private, the forum is shown (just like the original plugin does now).

    2) If a forum is marked private, before it is shown, a check is made against the above list.

    – If there is no listing for that forum_id, then anyone registered could see it (Just like the original plugin does now).

    – If there is a listing, the forum is only shown if the user is amongst the users listed for that forum_id.

    This would be a useful solution until a roles-based forum access functionality comes around.

    I tried messing with this myself, but think it is a bit out of my league right now (though I am trying to learn). Is there someone out there who could swing this?

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  • davidbessler


    So I abandoned the whole idea of modifying the plugin: private-forums, and instead made a makeshift plugin from scratch which serves my needs for restricting certain forums to specified individuals. Where can I post it so people can start making fun of me?

    What it does and doesn’t do:


    1) require that you edit the plugin file and add individuals’ names to an array consisting of restricted forums.

    2) Adds a little [x] next to forums from which the current user is restricted

    3) In true-ghetto fashion removes the link to the forum for those restricted forums

    4) Does the same (X and link removal)for topics listed in “latest discussions” belonging to restricted forums.

    5) Attempts to directly acess the forums via forum.php and topic.php redirects you (again … really ghetto) to the front-page

    Doesn’t (kind of a wish list).

    1) Have any sort of GUI to add and remove users from restricted forums

    2) Hide the forum and its associated topics from being listed at all on the front-page

    3) Load an actual page with an actual message stating that you are not allowed in the forum, during attempts to directly access the forums, rather than redirect you back to the front-page.

    So, this is my first attempt at a plugin. Please help me improve it. Now where can I post it?

    Download it here.

    If you want to have it in the plugin repository for bbPress, check out:

    Saw you posted another thread as well for this plugin!


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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