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Incorrect forum name after return from topic

  • E-SOL


    I am a new WP (version 3.5.1) user, and I don’t know much about html and other codes. I have set up WP with help from firends, and I have managed to create a forum myself with bbPress (version 2.2.4).
    It looks good, but my problem is that when I return from a topic to my main forum page the title of the page changes to the first topic in the list.
    As a work-around I found a solution that suggested creating a new wp page and adding “[bbp-forum-index]“. This works and looks good, but when I click on Forum to go back to my main forum menu, I am returned to the bbPress main forum menu where the title is wrong. How can I return to my own WP forum page after visiting a topic?
    Is there and address or a code string I can add somewhere in the plugin program? – or perhaps it isn’t that easy? Can anyone please help me?

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