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Improving User Experience when their post is marked as spam

  • Akismet seems extremely sensitive to boards posts with links in them, so many valid board comments get moderated into the spam queue on a regular basis. That’s fine – but what’s troubling is that the moderated users often post and repost their comment over and over, flooding my spam queue! They have no idea they’ve been moderated, because (as I understand it)… bbPress doesn’t give any message to the user when their post has been marked as spam/moderated.

    This reposting by users makes it a lot more work to clear the spam queue. I have to unspam one of them, and then delete all the others. Is it possible to somehow improve the user experience when a post has been marked as spam, so that a user knows they’ve been moderated and that an admin will review their comment soon? That will at least get rid of most of the re-posts, which would be a godsend…

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