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impossible to translate

  • Oazar



    I am trying to get the po and mo files to work so as to translate the forum into French.
    I followed the codex :

    – got both po and mo files from bbpress server,
    – renamed them to bbpress-fr-FR.po and same for the mo file,
    – uploaded them to wp-content/languages/bbpress folder, as well as into wp-content/plugins.bbpress/languages.
    – my wp-config file asks for french as well
    – changed languages folder permissions to 777

    I cleared my cache about 100 times, but well, no results, eveything is still in English.
    really don’t know what to try next.
    may you help ?

    thanks !

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  • Oazar


    it seems to me that in fact, the po and Mo files are not translations and we need to edit them ourselves for the French language;
    I am at it just now, will let you know if this works…
    if you think I am wrong and wasting my time, please say so !



    Well, i spent a long time translating, but to no avail..

    Any udea how to fix this problem someone please ? I am in a hurry…




    All my fault !

    I mispelled the mo and po files names, now everything works fine !

    the proper files names should be : bbpress-fr_FR.po ans for French translations.

    there are no po and mo files completed for French language in the depository, you need to do them yourself from the pot file that comes with bbpress plugin.
    I am in a hurry, so I just translated part of it (it is very long !), what appears on the website but not the admin part yet.
    No way to upload it easily in this forum, but I’ll be back once the translation is completed and will give a link to get it.


    FAQ –

    The following shows the current progress of bbPress translation to French for the ‘dev’ & ‘2.2.x’ versions:
    11% – 111 Translated – 879 Untranslated – 628 Waiting
    % – 0 Translated – 952 Untranslated – 533 Waiting

    So quite a few are done but needs an authorised ‘validator’ to approve the ‘waiting’ translations.

    You can contact your local translation time via to find out who the bbPress validators are or if no luck request to become a validator yourself via

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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