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Importing Users from Kunena1

  • Hey guys,
    I’m successfully importing old Kunena1 forums and users.
    But I don’t understand what’s the expected behavior with the imported user passwords.
    I see this message on the Forum Import page:
    “Non-bbPress passwords cannot be automatically converted. They will be converted as each user logs in.”

    I tested and old users just can’t login as the password is not recognized.
    They have to follow the password forgot procedure.

    Is this the expected behavior?


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  • Robin W


    Yes (at least it was in my case) – unless the old system used the same password system, then the encrypted password is alien to WP, so unless it just believes that all users are genuine, then it has to reject users.

    Password lost works as a good mechanism as it sends email to user, so confirms identity.

    I just created a page in my menu headed “old forum users” and put a message in there that they wuld need their password reset for security reasons, and to click lost password. I then used the [bbp-login] and [bbp-lost-pass] shortcodes to display that on screen under the message.

    Basically passwords are hard 😉 Adding support to convert passwords was and still is one of the hardest parts of writing the importers for bbPress.

    Robin is 100% correct in that if your passwords don’t work then advising your users to perform a password reset is all you need to do to get around the issue.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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