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Importing phpBB Forum Problems

  • Ray Konopka


    I am trying to import the forums and topics from our existing phpBB forums. There are about a dozen forums, and about 400 topics and 1600 posts. I have set the values on the Import Forums page to the following:

    Select Platform = phpBB
    Database Server = mssql2.<hostingdomain>.com
    Database Port = 3306
    Database Name = <name of the database>
    Database Username = <admin user>
    Database Password = <password>
    Table Prefix = phpbb_

    However, when I start the conversion, it reports “No forums to convert”, “No forum parents to convert”, and so on.

    I do not get any errors when I run the conversion. The existing phpBB forums are in a MSSQL database and not a MySQL database. I suspect that this may be the reason nothing is discovered.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    bbPress Version 2.5.14
    WordPress 4.9.6 running Divi theme

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  • Robin W


    yes, they are very different databases.

    You’ll need to do a conversion from one to the other – google around there must be tools to do that

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