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Importing Issues Galore

  • larianae


    I have no way of knowing how to describe this so not sure what I would search.

    We had a group that used to be on yahoogroups, which we now wanted to migrate and I thought perhaps bbpress might manage. I followed the (somewhat outdated) instructions re importing via a csv file, making three ones for users, topics and replies. On a local installation the topics managed to be imported, but not the replies, and repair forums managed to dis-associate everything.

    Now the site is not local, and I am trying to import. None of the importers decide to work with CSV files and custom posts for free. When one did work (having split my smallest CSV file – topics- into 50 different ones), I just tried the first file. It says it imported around 700 records. However, forum is empty, topics show no results, and repair forums does nothing. Neither does resetting permalinks. Neither does clearing cache.

    At the top of topics, however, there is this:

    Topics Add New
    Your site is currently displaying a “Coming Soon” page. Once you are ready, launch your site.

    Filter topics listAll (562) | Mine (21)
    Filter by date
    All dates

    In all forums

    Topics list
    Select all
    Forum Replies Voices Author Created Last Post
    No topics found
    Select all
    Forum Replies Voices Author Created Last Post

    The logs as the importer went had “admin view” where on the few I clicked it had the reply, the author and associated to the right forum, but I can’t view it. It says they exist, and also says none exist when I click view all, just as above.

    If I create a test one it all appears fine.

    I would just quite like some help, and have no idea where to go from here. Please please help!

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