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Importing from Xenforo

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    Has anyone successfully imported to bbpress from Xenforo?

    I used 2.6 version and I was able to import posts and threads.
    But quotes, user name tagging and attachments did not get imported.

    1. Attachments: Since bbpress does not have attachments feature, should I install any plugin before I import?

    It will be great if quoted text appear in a box with a different background color.

    As shown below, quoted text appear like this ==> username, post: 23013, member: 922 wrote: quoted message.

    This makes it difficult to differentiate between the quoted message and the reply. How can I fix this?

    For example,

    Valli, post: 23412, member: 922 wrote:
    That is why I am asking how to make her eat.

    Valli, you can’t make the child eat by force. This kid already seems to have some strong negative association with food. If the mother comes to school and force feeds her it is only going to make it even harder.

    Valli, post: 23412, member: 922 wrote:
    It is too long to eat only chips and juice.

    You are correct, Valli!
    Valli, post: 23013, member: 922 wrote:
    If someone feed her food from her lunchbox she cries too much.

    I think this is serious. You have to talk to the parents about it.
    [USER=15]Samvaad[/USER], do you agree?

    3. Username: As seen above, username is also showing up like this.


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