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Importing From PhpBB3 Questions

  • pfswss


    Hi, I have a forum to convert to BBPress. it does not have any mods that are important. Is is quite old and had a lot of topics, about 8,000 members mostly inactive.

    The reason I want to convert is I think it will be better to have it on wordpress and have more flexibility, plugins etc.

    I do already have a blog installed on the /blog directory and the phpbb forum is on the root directory. But the blog had all the users imported from the WP united plugin and I think this could cause issues so I plan to revert back to a default install.

    This is how I plan to do it:

    Backup everyone and research and follow procedures to import

    Backup wordpress posts and pages, there is not many

    Uninstall and Delete the blog and install again a fresh default blog in the /blog directory

    Install BBPress in a /forum directory

    Run the importer and import the forum.

    Now this is where I’m a little lost…

    I eventually want the forum to be back on the root directory, how will I do this?

    Is there anything else I should know before hand?

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  • pfswss


    OK, I have done the import. To simplify my questions, how do I change my forum now from /blog/forums/
    to just /
    in other words change it to the root or top level?



    OK, so I’m hoping someone can help here.

    I’m ok with it having the blog in the root directory but doing away with the folder “blog” and have the forum in the directory /forum.

    At the moment it’s in /blog then the forum is in blog/forum

    I want to take out the blog directory so it’s like this:




    this can be closed, its all done.

    Thanks for the great support 😉



    Just in case anyone else wants to know what I did:

    I just searched for moving WordPress from blog to root. I followed the instructions for a simple way written in the last year.

    I backed up everything first. I changed the site and url settings in wordpress.

    I then used Cpanel file manager to clean out the root but left the blog and forum folders, then copy the contents of the blog folder to the root and copied the forum folder to the root. I renamed the old folders for backup purposes.



    Yes support is a little short here but we just have to deal with that. I think support will improve as the plugin becomes more and more popular but it’s just taking a while 🙂

    As bbpress is a WP plugin, your question is more WP specific, so – as you’ve mentioned – you just need to use the WordPress Codex to find out how to do things like move your installation. This is a valuable tip for everyone – if you’re having trouble finding an answer here, try the WordPress Codex or support forums as many answers can be found there.

    Sorry I missed your posts from last week, I kind of missed everyone’s posts last week and am now only beginning to catch up this week. Everyone here on the forums and the developers are all volunteers and help out when and where we can, and sometimes a bit of patience is needed 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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