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Importing from DotNetNuke Active Forum

  • Hello all, I understand this is a bloated question, but I’m just looking for any information to help my research.

    I have the .ldf and .mdf DotNetNuke Active Forum database files. I’m looking to import these files to bbPress. I see that the database structures are a lot different.

    How would I go about making these files compatible with bbPress? There are over 1000 users I’d like to preserve as well as several thousand forum posts.

    ANY help at all would be most grateful 🙂 Thanks!

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  • There are a couple of routes you could go down depending on how you plan on running WordPress:

    • WIMP (Windows, IIS, MySQL/MS SQL & PHP)
    • LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP)

    Once you have either of the above up and running and my suggestion is most definitely the second option to convert your database to MySQL then it would involve writing a custom import script based on the included example `Example.php` included with bbPress.
    (I have been updating all the import scripts lately so hopefully a new version of `Example.php` will not be far away, if not `bbPress1.php` and `phpBB.php` would be better to use as a basis for a custom DNN import script.)

    Thank you so much for your reply! The information indeed helped me.

    I have the database converted to a MySql database and can see the table information. Now it’s a matter of configuring the example.php

    My next question: Where can I find a diagram of how bbPress 2.0 works with WordPress’ database structure? I know they share a database and tables. I know WP’s structure, but even Google won’t inform me how BBP interacts with WP. Simply put, I think from here it’s just a matter of linking the 2 together so that import will do the rest.

    Thanks again!


    bbPress does not create any tables of its own, it uses WordPress custom post types for forums, topics, topic tags and replies.

    I cleaned up the code layout of Example.php in #2134 so it now matches the coding style of the other importers. If you use SVN you can apply that patch directly or download it directly from here.

    I am slowly getting updated and more docs in the codex starting here:

    To customize the Example.php importer I have started this doc which follows this topic on building a new custom importer for the Mingle forums.

    This is all a work in progress and has a few moving targets so any questions ask away 🙂

    Thanks again Stephen.

    We’ve made a lot of progress. Now we’re actively importing data. We were successful importing the topics and the content and users. The problem we currently face: it is posting all of topic replies as a topic starters… So there is no content in the “Replies” tab on wp-admin, and everything was shoved into “Topics”.

    We wrote a from_expression to ensure it only imports topic starters into “Topics” but now the import converter freezes. It remains stuck on “Converting topics (0 – 99)” until we cancel the process.

    // Topic id (Stored in postmeta)
    $this->field_map[] = array(
    ‘from_tablename’ => ‘dbname_ntforums_posts’,
    ‘from_fieldname’ => ‘PostID’,
    ‘from_expression’ => ‘WHERE dbname_ntforums_posts.ParentPostID = 0’,
    ‘to_type’ => ‘topic’,
    ‘to_fieldname’ => ‘_bbp_topic_id’

    Perchance do you see anything that could cause it to freeze?


    I can’t see what the cause is straight up so could you paste the entire code in a gist at @GitHub please, also a dump of the relevant DNN database schema would be helpful.

    (We will also add this DNN converter to bbPress for others wishing to convert from DNN)

    I have a link to the mySQL DB dump as well as the example.php we’re working on. I can send you an email link to the Dropbox. Any help you have would be very appreciated.

    We were able to bypass the Converter freezing by manually skipping rows. Not sure what was going on there, because it didn’t seem like any data was missing when it finally completed. The problem now is that the UserID/Username does not correspond to the appropriate topics. We are stumped!

    Do you have an email that would be appropriate to send this information to? Thanks!



    Hello Jason,
    I have the same problem. I would like to migrate from DNN active forum to phpBB3 (not bbPress).
    Have you solved?
    May you give me some suggestions?

    thank you


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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