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Import posts from a PhpBB2 forum, without DB access …

  • Hello !

    Me and my friends have a PhpBB2 forum hosted by a free forum hosting provider ( ), but I’m planning to switch to BBPress on our own hosting space with LaTeX support ( which is important for a Physics/Maths forum ) .

    The only problem is that doesn’t give database access, so I can’t do a SQL backup …

    Lets say I can manage to get the RSS2 feed of the forum ( I don’t know how, but lets suppose I can ), will bbPress be able to import the posts from that RSS2 feed ?

    Thanks !

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  • Michael


    Unfortunately – I don’t think so. It would be extremely difficult to implement. You’re going to have to send a support ticket to regardng your query. They might be able to send you sql files so that you can import them into a new account.

    I hope that helps.


    Well the problem is that they don’t give SQL backups ( they said it in their FAQ ), because it’s part of their business ( they can’t afford to let someone leave them ) .

    But then I found that our forum at has a hidden RSS feed ( ), so I thought I could use it with bbPress but as I see, I can’t …

    Thanks anyway Michael !



    You obviously have access to the database somehow, since you can run forum software that accesses the database, right? Why not just install phpMyAdmin in your web space and access the database from there? You don’t need anything from the host specifically. You don’t even need shell access to install phpMyAdmin.

    @chrishajer : It’s not a hosting provider like the rest ! It’s like the service, it just gives free PhpBB2 hosting, but no FTP or SQL access, and their support refuses to give the SQL files .



    If you have access to your config file with the database connection details, and the database details are in there, you can access the database from your server. If you don’t have access to the database connection details, then you won’t be able to access the database with phpMyAdmin.

    If you have a way to access an RSS feed of the posts, you will be able to get some of the data not all of it.

    If it’s really important to you, you might want to get the help from a provider who can help you think this through. Maybe you need to mirror the whole site and parse out the content you need or something like that.



    A *leeching* type script can be made via cURL…

    I had such a problem with a free guestbook hoster. I wanted to integrate it into a wordpress site.

    I solved it with iMacro and javascript that parsed the sites and generated a SQL file for me which could be integrated in the wordpress database.

    The problem would be getting the userdata like passwords. And a guestbook is much simpler than a forum.

    But you could have the posts in this forum and I think that would be better than nothing.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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