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Import only latest bbpress activity

  • tarabusk


    I’m presently working on a beta version of an existing bbPress WP Website, and I’ll need to retrieve ONLY the latest bbpress activity from the prod website to the beta website (only new users, new subjects etc …) I can not find a way to do it (the import/export tool deal with ALL the data which i don’t need)
    Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Robin W


    I would use the dashboard>topics to bulk delete either prior to export or post import – if I were actually doing this, I would create a copy of the live site, take out the topics I didn’t want, and then export to the new beta, so that live remained complete with no risks.

    and then I’d then run the tools>forums>repair to just do a tidy up, although probably not needed



    Thanks Robin, this is exactly what I intended to do. Unfortunately that was not that easy.
    First i decided to import via PHPMyAdmin the entire “user” and “user_meta” tables (just in case some users unsubscribed or changed their password meannwhile)

    Then i entirely deleted (delete from trash as well) from my copy-prod website the oldest replies i already had on the beta website. In order to export/import to beta (the fact that you have to reassign one by one each author could be a big hassle if your forum has been very active)

    Then i entirely deleted (delete from trash as well) from my copy-prod website the oldest subjects i already have on the beta website (note: dont remove subjects before replies). In order to export/import to beta.

    I’m fortunate i did not have to deal with new forums.

    I still have some inconsistencies to deal with, but overall it seems to work.

    Next time i’ll need a beta website with bbpress I’ll definitively find another way.

    Robin W


    great – thanks for posting your experience. Partial forum transfers are always difficult as there is lots of meta-data like counts and latest items that need to be correct at the end

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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