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Import Monitor Repeats

  • trustedservant


    I am seeking help importing my Mingle forums…I can’t seem to find the answers on the bbpress support boards.

    Here are the specifics of my setup:
    Wordpress 5.3.2
    Pandora Theme 1.3.2
    bbpress 2.6.3

    Originally, I struggled to figure out what information needed to be put into the import fields as I am definitely not well versed in the world of website building. I was able to find my wp-configure.php to get the information. My table prefix was not wp_ it was smi_ which took me FOREVER to figure out.

    When I finally got the import monitor to run, it got stuck at step 6 multiple times and despite clicking the option to erase previous attempts, it just created multiple duplicate forums. So, I did the hard reset that was suggested on one of the message boards by Stephen Edgar. When I started over, only one version of the forums was created. I was super excited!

    Now, when it moves on to step 7 it first tells me “Converting topics (0 through 50 of 50) 100%,” then it just continuously runs stating over and over “Converting topics (50 through 50 of 50) 100%.” This creates copy after copy after copy of the same exact posts and never stops. I have over 500+ topics, not 50. How can I stop step 7 from multiple duplications of the same 50 posts, get all 500+ topics that should come over and move on to step 8?

    Please help, I am super frustrated.

    Thanks in advance!

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