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Import from Drupal worked but shows No topics

  • docmartinhk



    Thanks for creating the importer [and forum].

    Just done an import from Drupal 7 forum, to bbpress 2.6.9 on WordPress 5.8.3.

    It seems to have worked well.

    Just odd that in listings like forums, forum topics, get 0 posts and 0 topics listed; even tho can click through and see the posts and replies.

    I’ve tried running the Repair Forums tools [all of them, just in case! – didn’t get any reports from them, in case there should be]. But not helped.

    Also added a test post; and sure enough this was counted.
    – so I can carry on with the forum, just an oddity to have the Drupal posts/topics not counted.

    Soon to

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  • docmartinhk


    For the above, I’d also used FG drupal to wordpress plugin, maybe mixed up a bit; couple of other plugins too, inc for categories.

    I figured might be an issue in this.

    Went to bbpress; and chose option to clear the forum.
    Then, re-imported.

    I got loop on item 16; found others had experienced this with import. So, stopped it; looked at forum.

    Initially, forum showing 0 posts, topics; even though posts and topics actually present.
    I ran the tool for repairs; seemed the same.
    But, went away, returned to site and the forums page has the numbers of topics and replies.

    Robin W


    so are you fixed? or are there remaining problems?

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