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import from vB to bbPress, something to wrong?

  • fresaom


    so i finely got it to import the database for me from vB too bbPress, and it all looks like its whas going to work, but then it stuck in a loop at “8.Converting anonymous topic authors”
    so i whas what the hell!, but i got all the threds and topic and users over, but then i whas noticing that all the letters that whas non-english whas off…

    Sooo we are from sweden, and we got ÅÄÖ, but when i import the database thats have ÅÄÖ in it. it gets all the wrong letters and symbols.

    anyone here that know what i can do?

    like “ö” is not the same symbol every time i find it, its diffrens everywhere.

    // Fredik
    Swedish Subaru club

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