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Import Failure from PHPBB3 to BBPress

  • gm4aff


    When I run the import utility it immediately stops – I get no feedback or information in the Import Monitor so I have no idea what is failing.
    phpBB version 3.0.11. 10905 posts, 3738 users.
    Site is

    Any help or suggestions appreciated.


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  • gm4aff


    It is extremely disappointing not to have had any reply to this question. I have reached the point where I have upgraded phpBB to the latest version and moved the original phpBB data to the new server so I can run the import to and from the ‘localhost’, and still it fails. I am 100% confident that everything is correct.
    What really gets me is the lack of feedback. The application just says ‘Stopped’ every time I try something. Every time. Is there a log somewhere?

    If I don’t get some sort of help or guidance soon I will simply give up on BBPress and WordPress. Surely there is someone who knows what’s going on?

    Thank you in anticipation.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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