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Images on scheduled posts

  • cassel


    I have been scheduling posts for a while now and everything works fine EXCEPT that images included in the posts seem to disappear after a while. I am not sure why.

    They will show as an attached image in addition to the embedded image, but I don’t need them both. If I remove the attached image, it also removes the embedded one.

    What is the simplest way to have an image embedded in a scheduled post when I have to create those posts in the backend using the WP editor (instead of the forum itself)?

    Here is an example of a simple post that I schedule every month and you can see the image will be different every month.

    What are you working on (in August 2021)?

    I currently have WP 5.8, bbpress 2.6.6, bbp style pack 4.8.9, bbPress Multi Image Uploader 1.0.6, and using the Classic editor in WP.

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