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Images, a pain in my side…

  • First off, sorry mods if this is a double post. I left a comment on the Allow Images plugin page, but I don’t think many people read those comments unless they themselves are having a problem. So I thought I would be better off starting a new topic.

    I’ve been stumbling with getting images to work on my bbpress forums for a day or two now. For some reason the Allow Images 0.7.1 plugin doesn’t work for me. When I post an image it gets truncated down to <img /> in the database.

    I’ve tried using the two spaces before the ending slash – No Luck

    I’ve also tried editing the bbpress core files like meeciteewurkor recommendedNo Luck.

    I did notice that if I used phpmyadmin to edit the database manually and put the <img src="" /> code into a post the image shows up. So there has got to be a function that is filtering out the src part of the image tag or something :(

    Anyone have any suggestions? Is there a function I should be looking at in particular?

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  • Got it working. I ended up doing a fresh install of bbpress. I must have botched some file without knowing it.

    hummm… now all of a sudden posting images doesn’t work again…

    I’ve installed the following plugins

    Use Display Names

    Defualt Role

    WordPress Integration

    Allow Images

    I haven’t modified any of the core files. I’d like to avoid another fresh install, but that may be my only option. If thats the case I’ll reinstall the plugins one by one to find out if thats the culprit.

    Does disabling the plugins one by one not work?

    The image plugin seems to be somewhat messed up right now; it breaks use of code on my forum and sometimes I have your problem, too. Not sure why. Hopefully mdawaffle will update it soon.

    Nah, disabling all the plugins except the Allow Images plugin doesn’t fix it. I’m heading out of town right now, but when I get home I’m going to try to figure out whats going on.

    For some strange reason the ‘allow images’ plugin will either work with my plugins or not. It crashed the ‘admin post anything’ plugin for me and I had to add it (in the admin-post-anything) plugin to get it to work. Not sure why. I know that doesn’t help, but will narrow down that I am almost 100% positive it is a problem with another plugin. It has happened 2 or 3 times for me…..


    do you do anything to fix it or just do a fresh install?

    ok. I’ve figured out whats causing the problem. It comes down to the Default Role Plugin. There is nothing wrong with the plugin itself other than the fact that it relies on wordpress functions. Thus you need to load wp along with bbpress. To do so I have the following added to the top of my config.php file.

    define('WP_BB', true);

    With the two lines in the config.php file the allow images plugin does no work. I even tried disabling the Default Roles plugin and leaving the 2 lines in config.php to make sure the plugin wasn’t the culprit. If I remove the two lines the Allow Images plugin works as expected.

    I don’t know much, but I could take a stab at whats happening. Is it possible that when a reply/topic is made, bbpress is calling wordpress functions instead of bbpress functions?

    In bb-includes there’s a file called wp-functions.php containing duplicates of some functions from wp; if you’re integrated, it doesn’t load those but loads the originals from wp. There must be some discrepancy between the functions there.

    I’m using wordpress mu so I’m sure that there is a big discrepancy :(

    Is there a way that I can trace which functions are called when a post is made? That why I can follow the execution with and without the wordpress functions loaded and find out what the difference is?

    I found this to trace functions. But I don’t have access to the php.ini file so there’s no way I can install it :(

    Why on earth is there an image plug in? Why isn’t it a standard part of the main install? It seems that the BBpress logo should be…

    “BBpress, the bulletin board that looks deceptively lean because… it is! Everything you take for granted isn’t there until you add a plug in”.

    Surely email notification, email notification by forum subscribed to, images, WYSIWYG formatting, are all soooooo important and standard on other bulletin boards they should be part of the standard install?

    But, I may never know the answer because I won’t get an email if someone replies to this thread.



    I’ve seen a bunch of replies today regarding things you’re unhappy with being missing from bbPress, things that are handled by plugins that should not be. I think your idea of forum software is different from the creators ideas for bbPress. I don’t think all the functionality you are missing in bbPress is ever going to be in the bbPress core. I have no official word on the subject, but from watching the replies over the past two years regarding topic like this, I don’t think these things will ever be part of the core, but will be available as plugins.

    Also, bbPress is alpha or beta software, depending on the version you installed, around two years old, where phpBB is something like eight years old.

    bbPress isn’t for everyone. That’s why there are lots of forum packages out there. Something for everyone.

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