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Image integration in activity??

  • jayce103


    Hey everyone.

    I really could do with some help as I am trying to see if BBPress is the way forward.

    I want to show images inline on the activity feed. Is this possible? I know it can be done in buddypress but want to use BBPress.

    As a sub question. What are the benefits of using BBPress over BuddyPress? I can add friends, post in groups etc with BP so why use forums inside groups?

    Any help or advice deeply appreciated peeps.


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  • BuddyPress’ forums are powered by bbPress. BuddyPress doesn’t include forums.

    I am not familiar enough to answer the ‘images in activity’ hopefully you can find something on



    Thanks for the reply Stephen!

    It seems to be a question that nobody can answer, or, I am not asking it correctly

    Basically I want images that I attach to a topic post to appear in the [bbp-topic-index]. This is inline so that they appear on a home page style set up.

    I have achieved this using BuddyPress and their activity shortcode, but don’t like the way in which only one forum can be used for all groups. I really want 1 group to have more than one forum attached to it.

    If anyone can help with the above please let me know as it is driving me bonkers!!! Other forums such as IPS board can do it so there must be a way of adding a little code to get it to work.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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