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Im close to getting it working but need some help in forum index formating

  • survivalbill-2


    I have put this in to a post.

    [bbp-forum-index]<-Must be something wrong this can not be the way the forums look I am using the Twenty Eleven 1.3 and bbpress Version 2.0.2 everything is up to date what do I do to fix this forum listing so that it looks like a normal forum?

    or am I doing this totally wrong…..

    [bbp-topic-index] <-this I dont want to use just have it up to see what it looks like

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  • Currently you have created a ‘parent’ forum called ‘forums’ and then added each of your forums (General, Humour, Bookshelf etc) as a ‘child’ of that parent.

    If you remove the top level ‘forums’ forum you will achieve the outcome you are looking for.

    To test this before deleting it go into each of your forums and in the ‘Forum Attributes’ change the ‘Parent’ to ‘No Parent’ and click update .



    Woo Hoo! that fixed it thank you so much….

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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