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I'm afraid update bbPress in every release!

  • wpmhweb



    I just want to note that since 2.0.3 release of bbPress (that’s when I actually started using the plugin) every time I update to the latest version I get the 500 server error, and the problem always gets resolved by rolling back to the the version that worked or when I overwrite the child theme I created with bbPress in the Theme folder with the latest theme in the bbPress update.
    Is this a known issue or it is just only me? There anything I have to change in the child theme before updating to the latest bbPress?


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  • kannued


    Do you deactivate ALL your plugins before updating?



    No I don’t. Never had to for other plugins and the very first time I installed bbPress didn’t have to either.
    So is it a requirement do deactivate all plugins?


    It shouldn’t be, no.

    Few things I recommend when upgrading is pre-upgrade temporarily switch to TwentyTen and the default bbPress theme (if you are using a custom one), then do the upgrade. If everything works, then switch back to your normal theme/bbPress theme. Then if it starts giving errors at least you know where to look.

    Another thing that can be helpful is to temporarily turn on WP_DEBUG which can sometimes reveal problems with your theme or plugins you have installed that are preventing bbPress from running correctly.

    I’ve been running bbPress on sites since 2.0 and haven’t had any problems upgrading, but I wrote the themes from scratch and am real particular on what plugins get installed.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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