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If I'm on the Forum page my "Blog" menu item is highlighted too.

  • hermantulleken



    I installed the bbpress plugin for WordPress. I have a static front page (“Home”), and my posts display on another page (“Blog”). I added a menu option to, where the forum is displayed. Everything works fine, except that when I am anywhere on the forum, the “Blog” button is highlighted, and not the “Forum” button. On the root forums page, both buttons are highlighted.

    If I remove the “Blog” page from the Posts page option (Settings | Reading), the “Blog” button is never highlighted. The Forum button is highlighted when I am on the root Forums page, but nowehere else in the Forums. (So it looks to me that something gets confused with my Forum and Blog).

    I also tried linking an actual forum (not the root page as a link). This results in the same behaviour, except now relative to the specific forum page, not the root. (For example, if I am on the specific forum page, the button is highlighted, but not when I am in a topic. If I set my page of posts to “Blog”, the “Blog” buttons is highlighted when I am anywhere on the Forum).

    I have a feeling I may be missing something really simple. I searched on this forum, and it seems others do not have such issues. I’d appreciate any help; thanks!

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