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Idiot's Guide to Full Width Forum on WordPress (Easel Theme)?

  • anotherblogger1


    Hi there,

    I am totally new to wordpress and so far bumbling along happily using plugins. I have figured out how to get in via ftp access but haven’t a clue what I am doing there, so talk of editing css/ files/ .php’s etc is way over my head.

    I have installed bbpress and am trying to set up the forum so that it runs full width/ no sidebars/ no wordpress widgets. But I cannot get it to do that. I have gone into the easel theme options and turned off sidebars to no avail, it still squishes the forum up in the middle of the page with all the bbpress widgets and options shoved underneath and almost impossible to see.

    Can someone please give me an idiot’s guide (VERY simple explanation) of how to get a full width forum on my site please?

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  • DNBrawler


    The simplest way would be to edit css your sidebar classes. For mine it would be .sidewrap {display:none;}and then you’d have to increase the mid section to fulfill the full-width look you want which is..midwrap {width:;}

    Aesthetically this will remove the sidebars but the offside to doing this simple method is that the widgets and the sidebar will take up loading time.



    I really don’t like the auto-formatting in this bbpress forum demo ><

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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