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Identify Users Never Activated

  • benmess65


    I amusing WordPress 4.6.5 with bbPress 2.5.10. Just recently I am starting to get 50 or 60 users a day registering when I had only a handful for many months previously. None of these ‘new’ users are activating their account. I know that activation emails are going out because I registered myself with a gmail account, received the activation email and applied a password. My admin email account (not the gmail one) received a message telling me that the user had changed the password, thus telling me that that user had activated. None of the over 200 spam email accounts have followed that process, so I want to remove them from my list.
    I was under the impression that bbPress automatically removed registered users that did not activate, but I still have over 200 sitting there and I cannot see which ones should be active and which ones are not, because they all just have “Subscriber” role against them.\
    How can I tell which users have activated so I don’t remove valid users and only remove the spam ones.

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