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I want to do the translating bbPress into Arabic

  • MGBHallinONE


    I’d like to translate bbPress into Arabic for both the front and back end.
    Where can I started?
    Please someone to guide me to the place of the language file so I can get stated and any other recommendations.
    I do not mean that someone do the translation for me but I will do the whole thing myself then share it here for all.

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  • zaerl


    Hi. The wordpress gettext template file is bbp-languages/bbpress.pot. You have to use a specific program for translating the strings. I use POEdit cause it works on all my machines.

    Open POEdit and “create a file from template” on the “file” menu. There are a lot of strings taken out of the context and so I suggest you to check the source file line if you have problems.

    Building a dictionary from widely used translations (WordPress/Akismet/Others) can speed up the process cause a lot of strings are the same of WordPress.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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