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I want to create a post and a topic that are related by the same hierarchy

  • AlamSyed


    Hi all,
    I have a hierarchical forums (> 20) and I use bbp_insert_topic functionality to create topics programmatically. Everything is fine so long as we rely only using bbpress. But suppose I want to create a post and want a corresponding topic following the same hierarchy and tags, how can I do that ?

    That is, how can I merge something like this:

    WordPress <—–> bbpress

    • Topics <—–> Posts
    • Categories <—–> Forum Categories
    • Tags <—–> Topic Tags

    All this is because I wish to avoid duplications of category names and tags across the some posts and topics that I intend to create.

    I know how to create a post with a given parent id, using wp_insert_post,
    Can I set the post id as a child to a Forum Category ? Am I mixing apples and oranges , can it be done ? What should be a right approach ?

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