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I no longer get email about post

  • folgerj


    I started last year with 1.0 and I loved that every time a forum user would post or reply I would get an email. My blog is seasonal with a high point in Sept/Oct and I don’t have time to look each day for new replies/posts.
    My question is this… Was this functionality (sending me a email) installed from another plugin that was disabled this summer (and thusly not working anymore) or does everybodies BBpress installations do this and I have a conflict that is preventing me from getting them?

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  • bbPress 2.x will not email the admin by default whenever a post is made and I dont think this is possible without a plugin (I dont know of a plugin that does this either for bbPress 2.x)



    Well then I think Jacob should consider this as a request for feature. One other item that I noticed this fall is the lack of love from Google also went away. Last year Autumn 2011 I would see my forum posts and replies pop up in google search (so needless to say I was lovin BBPress) but this year 2012 I haven’t seen any of my forum posts, or replies show up so that seems to be another area to be looked at. I think my forum is in my sitemap but I can’t be sure what changed that none of my forum pages are being crawled by search engines…

    I plan to go through and apologize to those who made posts and try to answer their belated questions… Then my thought is to take the forum down… The driving force for the forum was communication with the readers but I really want a panel that feeds all my new posts and replies to one window so I don’t have to take the time to go find these items and the biggest benefits was it told me when it had news for me (yes I subscribe to all my posts) so that didn’t work) and I was getting SEO love from Google and that was fantastic…

    All of this went away so the usefulness of the forum has gradually gone away…
    Thoughts? Maybe I expect too much but it was all there before…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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