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I need help!!!! bbpress and buddy press isn't working like it thought it would

  • Ineedbbhelp


    I first installed bbpress for the forums to be on a discussion page of my website. Not for the entire website to be forums. Everything seemed to be working fine, but people can’t comment on the topics. After researching more I installed buddypress too, and now i’m more confused because its a whole different look and now there is no forums. I think i’m going to deactivate it for the moment.

    But how do I get bbpress to let people comment on the topics? It lets people create topics, but thats about it.

    Please help!!!!

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  • Ineedbbhelp


    Also, how do I just let people see the topics and not the forum? I’m not sure if that makes sense…. I just feel as if people have to make one too many clicks to discuss what the want. Can I somehow just make them see the topics? and them reply to the comments?

    Robin W


    wordpress is post software and has posts and comments

    bbpress is forum software, so it has forums, topics and replies

    so people will reply to topics, not comment on them !

    so I would

    1. deactivate buddypress
    2. switch to a default theme such as twentytwelve and see if people can now reply to topics, you are only doing this to see if your theme has an issue with replies.
    3. let us know whether you are allowing anonymous posting, or whether you onlt want topics/replies from registered users?

    Also, how do I just let people see the topics and not the forum?

    umm, not sure what you mean, either you have a forum or your have posts and comments, you can’t have forum topics with post comments 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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