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I just want to export/import bbpress to bbpress

  • iwishiknew


    Hello all,

    This seems like it should be easy but I cant find ANYTHING ANYWHERE on how to just migrate bbpress forum posts from one bbPress forum Version 2.5.3 to another bbPress forum which is also Version 2.5.3. Both wordpress sites are running WordPress 3.8.1.

    I just want to transfer the forums/forum posts/replies from a forum on website to website which are both on the same server.

    It seems like this should be very easy, there are a million tutorials on how to import/export from OTHER forum services like phpbb, etc. but nothing about bbpress to bbpress hahahahaha

    Anyways, any help is GREATLY appreciated.


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  • iwishiknew



    Robin W


    The issue is not so much the export/import of the forums/topics and replies

    This is available in

    Dashboard>tools>export and just select what you want to export. The opposite import to get them in.

    However if you don’t have the users on the new site, then they cannot be allocated against them. Can’t remember what it does, I think it just allocates them to admin, maybe with an offer of a choice.

    there are several plugins that let you move users for instance

    If your into phpmyadmin, you could just move the user tables, but of course that’ll overwrite the new sites, but if they’re just copies, that will be fine.

    Back everything up before so you can revert if needbe !

    I haven’t directly played with doing this, but suggest you move your users first, the just move the forums, topics and replies



    What about moving the forum posts, not the users?

    That’s what I need to do.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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