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I installed the thing, but it does not show graphics and interface.

  • I installed the thing, but it does not show graphics and interface.

    Does it have to the in the same folder as WordPress?

    Help me.

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  • How did you install it? Did you change the config.php file? Did you go through the installation steps?

    Yes. If i would not save my config.php, this thing would not install.

    Does this thing have to be connected to wordpress?

    Does it have it’s own pictures for graphics or it relies on wordpress?

    It doesn’t require wordpress, no.



    flatworm, how about a URL so we can see what you’re talking about? Sounds like the path to your stylesheet is not being found, so the pages are all ugly. But a URL would be helpful in seeing exactly what you’re talking about.

    I am using xampp&mysql

    localhost with no outlet to real web

    database name is bbpress

    I installed it, but I can’t get graphics.

    It even shows forums.

    I’ll reinstall it



    flatworm : please email me at the email address found on the website in my profile.

    I reinstalled. Nothing changed.

    Looks more ugly then sexy.



    That is unstyled because the path to the style.css file is incorrect. Can you look at the source of that html page and find the line that begins:

    <link rel="stylesheet"

    My guess is that the path to your stylesheet is incorrect. There have been a couple threads about slashes being changed to back slashes improperly:

    Even more relevant for localhost:

    Here is a trac ticket for the backslash issue:


    edit: there will not be slashes before the double quotes in your html source around stylesheet , unlike this post. It’s a bug they’re working on.

    I do not know php and html. I’ll search for this code line usind WIN. search to find <link rel=\"stylesheet\"

    I really do not want to be involved in the process of development of bbPress.

    All this really makes me think of using Vanilla.

    Vanilla looks more professional and developed, but it is 50% bigger in size.

    Code is poetry, equaly unconceptional to everyone.

    I hope vanilla has no bugs and errors with graphics.

    I understand your frustration on this issue flatworm, but as ChrisHajer has already told you, there has been some issue with installating bbPress on localhost. Go through the tickets that were linked above so you can get a better idea of the issues and maybe try this. Create a plugin called url-fix.php and put in the information from the link from this post:




    flatworm, also, you can contact me via email and I will help get you running off-list. See my profile, go to that website and follow the the “contact us” link and email to support. I will help you out. You don’t need to get into the development of bbPress.

    Also, you’re not experiencing ‘errors with graphics’ you’ve got a problem with the path to your stylesheet. That’s all. That may very well be a bug, but all software has bugs. Don’t just trade one problem for another.

    vanilla support forum:

    Also, did you ever look in a rendered page (in your browser) for the stylesheet line? If you do see that (use ‘view source’ or something similar in your browser when you pull up a page similar to the one you took a screenshot of) post the information from that stylesheet line. My guess is that the slashes are backslashes.

    Also, I never understood the point of installing community/forum software on localhost, unless it’s just for testing. Even if that’s the case, I prefer to test in the environment where it will be live so you’re not solving problems that won’t ever happen once it’s live, and you won’t experience new problems that you didn’t anticipate.

    But, contact me off-forum and I will help you.

    Can I look at filled-out config file, please?

    Put the text up here. (erase passwords)

    Trent, does the maintainer of the code know the localhost problem exists (yes, even with path-to-url.2.php plugin)? The only way I’ve managed to get around it is by directly editing the “bb-templates/kakumei” files.

    Also, another note, I’m using lighttpd on a windows machine. This probably adds to the slash havoc.

    Thanks, I will try.

    I suck at code file editing, but sometimes i get lucky.

    If it is a style problem, then why i cannot log in.

    Also, what file is that path to style sheet located in?

    What to do?


    Try your other thread:


    It works. Thank you very much.

    I can’t belive it, so i will doublecheck.

    It did look for some coolforumexample.


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