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I have to say a big Thank You…

  • A very big Thank You to everyone working on bbPress and in this forum.

    Sam “The Man” Bauers (it has a ring to it, I think), any other coders behind the scenes, all of you who write such cool plugins to add great features, and those who respond to questions in this forum so promptly and in great detail. Many thanks indeed for your time, thoughts, and hard work.

    I was just adding a note to a forum of mine, and realised that after a lot of hours getting it the way I want it, well, it just works. It does everything it’s supposed to, and I’ve learned tons about CSS and PHP into the bargain. This one helps new mums who’ve come to live in the UK, so in a roundabout way everyone who’s helped me has helped a mum and her baby too. Ahhh – all soft and fluffy feeling. :)

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