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I have make an installation error

  • eneko.astorkiza


    Fistly excuse my english ….

    Hi, i have integrated bbpress inside my wordpress installing on the same database.

    The problem is that i have made all the integration except the user relation, so now i can logon like admin user on bbpress but i can’t change nothing :-( it seems to be a normal user

    Can i do manually (changing the database) to assign admin user as administrator ????

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  • Which version of bbPress are you using?

    If you have phpMyAdmin access, then open the usermeta table (should be bb_capabilities if you are not using shared user tables and should be wp_capabilities if you are using shared tables) and change the value of bb_capabilities to a:1:{s:9:"keymaster";b:1;} for your user.

    Hope that helps.

    P.S. – Change the default table prefixes as your case may be.



    Thanks, it works.

    I have added wo WP_Usermeta table one line like ….

    90 1 bb_capabilities a:1:{s:9:”keymaster”;b:1;}

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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