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I have 2 root menus showing for the forums list

  • it’s probably easier to see the problem than explain it. The url is;

    There are 2 different pages with the forum list listed as the root directory .

    If you click back to the first forum the side bar is different; the first one shows blog posts but the forums list is the same.

    Basically I want to get rid of the first of the forums list in the directory or know how to change the side bar menu in it. The default option doesn’t work presumably because their is a side bar on the page.

    I did have a page called forums but this was removed from trash several days ago.

    They are not set up on the forum’s menu bar.

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  • i’ve just tried saving form_rr after the wp/ in the page directory and adding a http link in the menu for that page. I still get the same result.

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