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I get page not found for install.php???

  • Hi during the install of bbpress something must have gone wrong since I’m getting a “page not found” display when I attempt to bring up my “install.php”

    I’ll go over every step in hopes to find the problem.

    When opening config.php I changed:







    All to what those fields said in my wordpress wp_config.php file.

    I installed my bbpress folder inside my wordpress folder.

    My wordpress folder is directly under my site folder.

    I do have multiple domains under the same server but that shouldn’t create any type of problem.

    The location of my bbpress should be:

    So I changed the value in my config.php file to the address above.

    I also changed the values of >wp_home and >wp_siteurl

    to reflect what it says under my wordpress/options/

    Do you see anything that I’ve done wrong? Or am forgetting to do?

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  • I think my problem lies within my database area……I was adding database name and usernames that were in my wordpress wp_config.php

    Do I have to create my own database for bbpress through MySQL on my godaddy Linux hosting……..?

    I’ve really been trying for about 5 hours straight to figure this out….

    Install directions just seem so vague to me :( :(

    Sadly enough I thinK I’m going to have to give up on this one. I’ve tried everything and I can’t get something as simple as the Install.php to perform. Beyond that, while reading around it seems that the majority of problems come AFTER the this journey could be a troublesome one if I continued. :( I try not to be a quitter but “ease of use” isn’t something that goes hand-in-hand with bbpress and I have a deadline. I don’t have a few days to wait to get it all settled, but thanks if you read this far……I’ll probably settle with smf or vanilla… :(



    Sorry you’re giving up. It’s not normally this difficult.

    I looked at your site and see that there is no wordpress in the URL, the pages are just:

    I do see in the source of the page that the path to the theme is in a directory called wordpress…

    I think we’re in big trouble if someone with and IQ of 145 can’t figure it out.

    404 errors cannot have anything to do with your database config settings. If you cannot access install.php, something else is wrong with your config or possibly the .htaccess rewrite rules for WordPress. I’d be willing to bet it’s from rewrite rules. If you’re interested in taking a fresh look at it, can you post the config.php?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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