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I can't see my forum!!

  • I installed bbpress as a plugin to my wordpress site. I can see that it’s there on my dashboard. I can create topics from my dashboard. I can even view a “PREVIEW” and it shows me the thread on my site with a certain url. ex:

    But that’s it!

    I can’t access my forums from my website! I can’t see them! I don’t even know where they are!!!


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  • Did you clear your? If not do so buy going to Settings > Permalinks.

    Then visit permalinks



    I’m facing similar problem.

    My forums works correct with default url structure, but not with pretty permalinks.

    I’ve tried several over the time but without success, even cleaning child options in the database.

    Revert to default permalinks is not a good idea, since the site is quite popular now, with lots of pages ranked high in Google.

    You don’t need to revert your permalink – you don’t need to even change them.

    When you go to Settings > Permalinks, simply loading that page triggers permalinks to be flushed.

    As to why it won’t work with pretty permalinks, it could be a combination of things really. Does *any* part of the forum work with pretty permalinks? Does the rest of your site work OK with pretty permalinks?



    Actually, I’ve tried this “load” permalink settings thing, but never worked. Also, I have two other sites with bbPress that worked out-of-the-box.

    Everything else works fine, plugins, custom post types, etc. It’s just bbPress that seems to only work with default permalinks.

    – Pretty permalink slug:

    Not working.

    – Default post type slug:

    Working, but child forum and topics links to pretty permalinks, which is the current structure. And they return a “page not found” error.

    I am experiencing the same thing #raphaelsuzuki I can view the forum links just fine when permalinks are default, but if I try anything else, they 404. The .htaccess is getting written just fine but the urls will not resolve.

    I just activated the bbpress plugin for my wordpress blog (i’m using latest version of wp and the twenty-ten theme).

    I created a “test” forum with two topics.

    I then created a new Page and titled it Forum.

    I tried to get my test forum with two topics to show up on the new Page, but can’t get it to work.

    I can see the Forum with two topics that I created when I click on View Forum button.

    So, I guess my question is: How do I get a navlink titled Forum in my navbar and/or sidebar on my WordPress site?

    What am I missing? I’ve searched all over with Google on this problem and can’t find the solution to my problem.

    Here’s a little more info:

    When I click on View Forum, and it looks great with the site’s theme here, the url is:

    When I click on the Page that I created called Forum, the url is:

    Thanks in advance for any help!



    Try deleting the page.

    To add it to the menu, just create a custom menu entry linking to ‘/forums’.

    raphaelsuzuki…You’re Brilliant! Thanks!



    Raphaelsuzuki, (or someone else), can you please spell out your reply to bloggingsfe, above, in more detail?

    I’m a bit of a newbie here, am having the same problem getting forums to show up in my forums page, and didn’t understand your answer properly.




    you don’t have to make page for bbPress just type in /forums and you will get to the forum

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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