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I can not edit topic

  • jbulies


    Hello, I would like you to help me, I have been testing bbpress because they told me to create a forum for the web of my work and I have a problem. When I create a topic and click on the edit button that brings bbpress, it redirects me to a page that does not exist or that is not activated, I suppose. For example, if the topic is called a test, it redirects me to *** / test / edit / I hope you understand me. Well, edit does not exist … I can edit the topic from dashboard of wordpress but the idea is that users who register and create a debate can edit it …
    The same thing happens to me when click on the username that created the topic and when click on merge . Those three links respond to a message from my website (page not found) edit, merge and the user.
    I can not show you the web link because it belongs to a private network.
    I’ve already tried disabling all the plugins, changing the theme and finally a wordpress mounted on my laptop to test and nothing.
    please help
    Jose Bulies

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