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HyperDB and search

  • deadlyhifi


    We’ve got Super Search ( running on our forums, and it locks up the database when a few people are using it, and particularly if they’re doing an “all time” search.

    On the page it states “The architecture behind demanded that we make bbPress play nice with the HyperDB extension for WordPress. This neat database load-balancing and redundancy tool is now fully compatible with bbPress. So if you want to run your bbPress site with redundant MySQL databases in multiple datacenters then that’s possible now too. bbPress now has a pretty enviable set of advanced options for MySQL connectivity.”

    So we’re looking at running HyperDB to offload the search to another database. And I presume future version of BBp will support hyperdb. Has anyone got this up and running, was it easy to set up? Were there any problems I should know about?

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